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Top 6 Areas in Which an HR Team of One Needs Help

by Dr. Cirrelia Thaxton

June 8, 2017

HR departments of one are all too common. Many companies think it's efficient to hire a single HR professional who is responsible for a myriad of tasks, including recruiting, onboarding, training, performance management, payroll and benefits. If you are that one person, you'll likely find you need help in each of the following six areas:

1. Minimizing HR Paperwork

Being efficient, a productive team of one knows how to reduce the paper trail. By putting document management software to work, you can make it easier to organize company files, such as wage and hour statements. With less paperwork on your desk, file management not a chore.

2. Access to HR Experts

Learning the ropes in your organization doesn’t have to be difficult. Work through the challenges of managing HR by engaging with experts in your field. When you align with key people, any questions you may have about policies, such as growing compliance and ACA (Affordable Care Act) regulations are easily answered.

3. Benefits Package Assessment

Assessing benefits packages for your employees can be a daunting task. Honing your ability to make the right choices involves knowledge management and research. Using legal ways to facilitate this process will help your HR team of one to make smarter decisions.

4. Accessing HR Tools and Templates

It’s up to you to gain access to HR resources that improve productivity. You don’t have to do it all by yourself, so you can leverage the use of tools and templates that foster better results.

5. Organizational Culture

As an HR lead, when you bring the goals of your company into focus, you are making your team of one more valuable. The key strategy is to understand and adhere to the organization’s purpose. By helping employees connect to their jobs, you can drive business results, reduce turnover, and improve the bottom line.

6. Recruitment of Enterprise Contributors

Recruiting the best people is always a plus. Solo HR professionals typically are responsible for retaining enterprise contributors — people with the talent to work alone or collaboratively in teams. Because these people can boost revenue and profit growth for the company, they must be carefully selected and trained.

Summing It Up

Since taking recurring action is the key to being a successful HR team of one, getting help in these six areas can help to promote stronger leadership.